Go Flickr go! Now that we will soon have photo printing, time to add DVD backups and secure RSS feeds (RSS over SSL with basic auth) for private photos and you are done! Sell it to somebody not evil and start another company or companies to do audio and video.

From Flickr Selects EZ Prints to Provide Fulfillment of Photo Printing.:


Atlanta, Ga (PRWEB) March 10, 2005 -- EZ Prints, Inc., a leader in high-quality photofinishing services, announced today that it will provide high-quality digital photofinishing fulfillment services to online photo sharing innovator, Flickr. Flickr, which is still being beta tested, has become an instant hit among photo enthusiasts who are drawn to the uniquely social aspects of the site. By partnering with EZ Prints, Flickr customers will also have access to an array of high-quality photographic products.


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