Excellent, now just add MetaWeblog API support to post to any blog (not just TypePad) and you are golden!

From Russell Beattie Notebook - Post to Flickr From LifeBlog.:


So yesterday at ETech I was talking to Christian Lindholm (who immediately berated me for not ever producing a LifeBlog review - the reason he and Charlie gave me my fancy-shmancy 6630 to use in the first place) and I was telling him how I was working with Erik to get LifeBlog to post from the phone to Flickr. He nodded sagely, but then one of his coworkers broke the news: Flickr now supports LifeBlog's Atom-based posting mechanism. Nice! (Now what do I do with the lifeblogr.com domain? No seriously...)

To try it go to http://www.flickr.com/tools/lifeblog. You'll get a different password from your normal Flickr password and a URL to use in the settings. I like the handset version of LifeBlog a lot (the desktop part less so - especially since I moved to a Mac at home) and I like Flickr as well, so combining the two is perfect.


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