You get what you pay for :-) ! Even for technical people it's difficult to find and configure GoDaddy's DNS. Summary: add Total DNS to your account (it used to be that you have to add it to old domains, I believe it's automagically turned on for new domains) and then you have to configure it. More info at the GoDaddy HOWTO I wrote a while back!

From Dave Winer's GoDaddy support: Domain mapping.:


But apparently, unless you're also hosting with GoDaddy, that does not include DNS. I've hunted all over the site looking for a way to map domains to an IP address, and while they will "forward" the doman (not what I want) they won't map it. I then called their tech support line, was told the wait would be two minutes, and hung up after fifteen (and the ads, these guys are always pushing stuff at you).

So my first question is -- is there a way to get GoDaddy to map a domain? How?


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