Another cool mention of my friends at PubSub. As I told hundreds of people at Massive 2005 yesterday, RSS is powering real time search and a high search engine rank for sites with RSS. And PubSub, Feedster et al point to the future.

If you care what people say about your company or domains of expertise on the web which most people do :-), you need to be using PubSub, Feedster et al today rather than waiting for them to be acquired by a BigCo and becoming mainstream. (And by the way it's flickr not Flikr. It's not only blogs that have typos and spelling mistakes :-) ).

From - New Web-Watching Tools Pique Interest of Investors.:


While major search engines such as Google currently have far more reach than persistent-search providers, the nascent companies claim they can track millions of Web sites constantly for new information.

The use of RSS-enabled Web sites, mostly blogs, has boomed in the past year. According to PubSub, the number of RSS-enabled blogs has soared from less than one million in April 2004 to more than nine million.

Some persistent-search firms, including PubSub and Feedster, offer a version of their service to individual investors for free on their Web sites. Many of the sites expect to make money by charging advertisers for space on their sites, as well as through revenue-sharing deals with outfits that can package persistent-search service with other search tools. But persistent-search firms also are aiming to sell their services to investment professionals.


The recent purchase of online photo site by Yahoo was foreshadowed by PubSub's search engine, Mr. Wyman said. On Feb. 23, speculation about the deal first popped up on, the blog of financial reporter Om Malik. A pattern matching the two companies in blog discussions in the days that followed showed an ongoing conversation about the transaction, which was officially announced March 20, Mr. Wyman said. The "technology makes it very easy to keep track of what the buzz is.


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