Later: Cooking Made Simple was created by the most excellent Tris Hussey and I and A are blogging there too and so can you (membership is free and easy). When I said "Many, many, more Vancouver bloggers doing great stuff who are not my friends :-) !", what I meant to say was that there are many, many, more Vanocuver bloggers who I don't know as well.

Sigh. Another newer blogger trying to get in with the popular bloggers or as he calls them "the larger players in the blogging scene". Nothing wrong with that, but one of the cool things about blogging is the diversity of voices and people, not necessarily popular or well publicized who are publishing great stuff.

What was that line about "a prophet in his own town..."? There are lots of great bloggers in Toronto, but I thought I'd set the record straight about the Vancouver blogging scene:

That "girl" is Arieanna Foley and not only does she blog at Vancouver Coffee, but she and her fiancé Ianiv blog at Blogaholics, and the newly launched Cooking Made Simple.

There are many Vancouver 18-34 bloggers (as a 40 year old geezer :-), I don't qualify!) who are true opinion shapers such as my friends:

From Opinionshapers.:


As part of our pre-launch, we discussed who in the city we wanted to target in the online community. Who was at the hub of the networks we wanted? We were looking to target 18-34 year olds and so besides the obvious radio stations, Much Music, MTV etc, we also looked at local bloggers who were essentially Opinion Shapers.

While I envisioned (and still do) this site being mostly about the larger players in the blogging scene, I realized that local blogging has so much potential and perhaps I did not give it the attention it deserved.

Here is a good example of a blog from a girl in Vancouver who would certainly qualify as a local opinion shaper.


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