Thank goodness that Matt Mullenweg didn't pull a John Roth as he seemed to be in his last post. Go Matt go!

From A Summary.:


I guess the problem with a long piece is many just skim it, and the more words there are the more chance there is for the meaning to be lost. I've given a lot of thought to putting things as succintly as possible: Knowing what I knew then, I would probably make the same decision; knowing what I know now I wouldn't even consider it. Not thinking through all the ramifications was a big mistake. So was not having more community dialog from the beginning, which would have caught this earlier. I am extremely sorry for both, and it won't happen again. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive. Amazingly, WordPress has gotten more donations in the last 4 days then it has in the past year - what an incredible community.


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