Russ nails it! The North American "mobile phone market" is not a real market where customers decide. It's a closed garden. Treos s*ck and only thrive because of the broken "market" in Canada and the USA. In the rest of the world, everybody (except American and Canadian expats) carries mobiles not PDAs transmogrified into phones like the Treos.

From Russell Beattie Notebook - What is PalmOne Celebrating Exactly?.:


I hope I've made myself clear. There are two things I hear in the Valley that make me insane. The first is people talking about WiFi gadgets. See that Moto cancelled the MPx WiFi phone? That was predictable. Repeat after me: "Manufacturer's customers are carriers, not consumers." Say it again. And again. The second thing that drives me nuts is the Valley's obsession with Palm. I'm glad to see some numbers on this so we can safely ignore them from now on.


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