Go Om go! Other than Photoshop (which I can live without) and Flash (and who needs Flash when we have Laszlo), Adobe and Macromedia's tools are irrelevant to me. What matters in this Web 2.0 world is tools like Laszlo, Drupal, etc. that are designed for Web 2.0 from the start. This merger is just another step in the long road to the irrelevance of Web 1.0 companies like Adobe and Macromedia.

From Adobmedia.:


Two companies who have not kept up with times - Adobe Systems and Macromedia - are hooking up. Adobe is buying Macromedia for $3.4 billion in stock. The deal is proof that there is little or not growth organic growth left in the old Silicon Valley. Desktop publishing, and subsequently Web 1.0 publishing are passe. These two companies have not developed killer apps for either broadband or wireless enabled comm-puting. They missed the whole blogging thing, and have not produced a must have killer app in recent times. They are becoming increasingly irrelevant in digital worlds where free programs like iPhoto and Picasa are setting the tone on the desktop. Don't expect innovation as a result of this deal - this is a deal to boost the revenues and maybe profits.


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