Amen! Go Dave Go!<p>From Take your DRM and Shove it ! - Evil Genius Chronicles - Interviews 04 27 2005.:</p>


I keep seeing news stories about Harmony and PlayForSure and iTunes and interoperability, blah blah blah. "The iPod is closed, it should work with music store X, blah blah." It is all bullsh*t. I don't give a f*ck about any of it. I don't care if Real's sh*tty DRM interoperates with Napster's sh*tty DRM with Microsoft's sh*tty DRM with Apple's sh*tty DRM with Sony's sh*tty DRM. F*ck every one of them, I don't care. I don't want any of them controlling how I use the stuff I paid for. They have shown themselves to be bad stewards of their customer's trust, more concerned with the needs of the fatcat labels than the people who pay them money, dealers in bad faith who will sell you something on one set of terms and then change the deal after they've got your cash. That's why I've never bought any songs from iTunes or MS or any of these services. So what if you can't put music from the Microsoft music store or the Real music store on your iPod? F*ck them, don't buy from any of them


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