Nominate me today, operators standing by :-) ! I figure what we (Richard, Boris, Kris and myself) are doing with blogging and citizen journalism at VanEats, Urban Vancouver, 2010, Battlestar Aggregatica, Photography Hack, and podcasting at Dogma Radio etc. qualifies under "Trendsetters" and "Practitioners" and what Bryght (I would nominate Boris, James, and Adrian) has done with technology like Drupal and projects like Ourmedia qualifies under "Tool Smiths". But of course, I am biased!

From Sifry's Alerts: AO / Technorati Open Media 100 Nominations.:


We'd like to hear from you. Who are your nominations for key players driving the Open Media Revolution? Comment on this post and list your nominations, up to 5 per category. You can also tag your own blog posts with Technorati tag: AOTechnorati100. We'll be closing our call for nominations on May 16, 2005 and we'll be watching.


Here are the categories for nominations:

The Founding Fathers: industry luminaries who created the vision of open media and continue to shape it.

The Tool Smiths: web service entrepreneurs and companies building the open media tools (blogs, social software, wikis, RSS, analytic tools, etc.).

The Trendsetters: the influencers driving and evangelizing the adoption and applications of Open Media.

The Practitioners: the top bloggers in politics, business, technology, and media.

The Enablers: the venture capitalists and investors backing the Open Media Revolution.


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