My radar is rusty! I totally missed it! Must...get.... more... sleep! Thanks Liz for pointing this out. "Founders" would be much better than "Founding Fathers".

From open media luminaries: mothers need not apply.:


Apparently Always On and Technorati are combining forces to determine the "OpenMedia 100," a group of movers and shakers who'll be voted on using Technorati tags and then published in the AlwaysOn Blogozine.

The first category?

Founding Fathers: Industry luminaries who created the vision of open media and continue to shape it.

No founding mothers could even be imagined, apparently. Meg Hourihan, Caterina Fake, Mena Trott, Esther Dyson, Xeni Jardin...guess y'all are all just one of the guys.

I don't know why this kind of cultural boneheadedness continues to surprise and depress me, but it does.


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