My radar is rusty! I totally missed it! Must...get.... more... sleep! Thanks Liz for pointing this out. "Founders" would be much better than "Founding Fathers".

From open media luminaries: mothers need not apply.:


Apparently Always On and Technorati are combining forces to determine the "OpenMedia 100," a group of movers and shakers who'll be voted on using Technorati tags and then published in the AlwaysOn Blogozine.

The first category?

<blockquote>Founding Fathers: Industry luminaries who created the vision of open media and continue to shape it.</blockquote>


No founding mothers could even be imagined, apparently. Meg Hourihan, Caterina Fake, Mena Trott, Esther Dyson, Xeni Jardin...guess y'all are all just one of the guys.

I don't know why this kind of cultural boneheadedness continues to surprise and depress me, but it does.


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