Go Flickr go! They have basically all I have asked for. Now all we need is DVD backups (for extras $) and printing!

From Flickr: News.:


11th May, 2005

IPTC support (finally)! Friends, today there's another good thing in Flickrland, and that's support for IPTC data embedded into your photos. Keywords become tags! Captions become descriptions! Marvel as one framework's terminology is swapped for another! Smile as the location fields in IPTC become Flickr tags! Discuss.

10th May, 2005

Remember the 5MB limit per photo for your uploads? That was the olden days! Now pro account users can upload photos of up to 10MB each (while, perhaps, cursing their ISP for the slow upload connection - in this age of the two web, why the asynchronousness, o ISPs?)


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