Disclosure: have met and like both Dan Lewis of Laszlo and Marc Canter, strategist and evangelist for Laszlo.

Marc, totally nails and echoes my thoughts! I really think that the Laszlo should have been invited. In fact, the people who organized could decide on a time and place (in secret even) and then on a blog or whatever just announced it and said, anybody who can make it, come join the party. Most people outside of the valley wouldn't go these meetings (just as most people outside wouldn't go to a Vancouver meeting like this! But in case we were in town, this would have been a great thing to have known about at least a couple of days in advance!) Now that would have been cool. Instead we have this! Not cool. Luckily, I am not in the RIA business because if I was, I'd be unhappy.

From Marc's Voice: How come there aren't any Laszlo folks at the Ajax summit?.:


Were they even invited? But Kevin Lynch is there?

It's so satisfying to hear about folks waking up to how limited HTML is and how much can be done with Ajax.

Macromedia calls it RIAs, Laszlo uses that term too - we always called it "rich media interfaces" - but regardless of the term - Laszlo is clearly leading the way.

So for O'Reilly and adaptivePath to miss on Laszlo - is a shame.


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