Hmmm. I do agree that Xbox 360 is an attack on their PC OEMs like Dell because Xbox 360 is basically a PC.

From PBS | I, Cringely . May 12, 2005 - Inflection Point.:


It's an expression made popular in Silicon Valley years ago by Andy Grove of Intel: "inflection point." It's that abrupt elbow in a graph of growth or decline when the new technology or paradigm truly kicks in, and suddenly there is no going back. From that moment, the new stuff takes off and the old stuff goes into rapid decline, whether it is a new standard of modem, a new video game, a new microprocessor family, or just a new idea. I think we've just hit such an inflection point and -- though most of us still don't realize it -- the personal computer, video game, and electronic entertainment businesses will never be the same.

There are three pieces to this puzzle.


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