I am sad that they are leaving (but my almost 12000 photos (11970 as I write this) will still be on Flickr) but I am glad they took the money and I wouldn't be surprised to see them back here in Vancouver to do the next big thing in a couple of years time! (e.g. I want video in a Flickr stylee: i.e. easy to use and attractive and social).

From FlickrBlog.:


We're having a party this Thursday in Vancouver to say goodbye to all our friends, Flickr members and other supporters before our big move to California. Please come!

It will be at the Alibi Room (which is on Water Street near Main Street in Gas Town). Call up your Vankie cousins and get a spot on their couch for the night. Seattle people, this means YOU!

It starts at 7:30 PM, and goes until 1 AM. Please come & meet some fellow Flickring fiends! And sing Auld Lang Syne or whatever to see us off. Please RSVP on Upcoming.org so we know how many Swedish meatballs we need.


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