My predictions: 0 for 2 :-) ! Oh well. This is like the fall of the Berlin Wall in our little incestuous tech echo chamber :-) ! Humans as the Canter says don't care about this stuff but we do!

How things have changed! Wasn't it just 2 or 3 years ago that Job said that Intel ran so hot and PowerPC was cool and could run fan less in a laptop?!? And now Jobs says Intel has better performance per watt. Just a sign of the utter failure of IBM and Motorola to deliver for Apple, but hey if I was IBM and Motorola I'd probably have done the same.

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Still in the keynote, here's some details for you. Ill post this later... Itunes podcasting stuff is killer for this. No doubt in my mind Apple will own the most important podcast client and podcast directory.

So now we know. I'm not sure the industry is shaking but there are implications. First, ler's clear up the facts.

1. Given history, this isn't a total shock. The former CEO of NeXT moved that platform from Motorola to Intel and there's a lot of NeXT in OS X. And that forner CEO is still Steve Jobs.

2. This isn't a clone play. No running OS X on your Dell. No running Windows on your Macintosh out of the box. I would expect over time hacks to abound to try and enable both.

3. It isn't a major shift as so much of the code has already been abstracted since the Power PC shift in 1994. Most, if not all OS X apps will just work out of the box.

Longer term implications are interesting. Apple won't be Intel's largest supplier but will be an important one. Also, remember that Intel makse chips for many other products, including those that go beyond the PC. This is only chapter one in what is likely to be a long tale


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