I will be there. Love to see you Marc! Can't promise the kid because of his sleep schedule (he wasn't yet sleep "trained" when you met him at dim sum at Northern Voice).

From Upcoming.org: Family oriented micro-content dim sum brunch at Victoria Restaurant (Sunday, June 19, 2005).:


It would be coolio if folks would show up at the Victoria Restaurant on next Sunday morning for some dim sum with the kids. It's the same place we all met at after Northern Voice in February.</p>

Now remember it's a micro-content brunch - so we'll be grokking microfomrats and new kinds of aggregators - but no one gets to talk about "why I blog" or "what is a blog". That's so - so - so 2003ish.

See http://marc.blogs.it/archives/2005/06/family_oriented.html for more info.


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