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Can't wait to see what comes out of the Supernova microformat workshop!

From Marc Canter - Boris Mann - microformat dim sum at Victoria Restaurant.:


Here's the audio (1.9 MB file, 6 minutes, 40 seconds) of my discussion with Marc Canter and Boris Mann at the Victoria Chinese restaurant in Vancouver Canada on Friday June 19th after Vidfest 2005 !

Some links and show notes:

  • Supernova 2005 - Microformat Workshop, Ourmedia.org presentation, Ourmedia registry
  • Baitcar - stores Vancouver lower mainland police videos of thieves stealing bait cars, ATVs, dirt bikes, ATVs, jet skis, all under Creative Commons License - working to share-alike license to allow re-mixing
  • Lojack
  • Internet Archive
  • Michael Sippey
  • Six Apart
  • Blogger
  • Gnomedex
  • 2005 - Boris's year of Maps and Calendar
  • Microformats - how do you indicate location to mapping service?
  • Calendars and maps are closely tied together since every event happens at a place
  • CivicSpace event architecture
  • Drupal hacks to enable RSS feed for every location e.g. for Victoria restaurant's calendar - done by Boris and James in Germany coming to a Drupal contribs real soon now
  • EVDB - events and venues database
  • vCal in RSS enclosures - not a true microformat - interim step towards it?
  • PubSub
  • Bob Wyman's structured blogging - Marc prefers namespaces for structured blogging not putting it in comment field - this was done to make it work in Atom?
  • Working level agreement on structured blogging at Gnomedex by sticking Marc and Bob and Boris in a room together?
  • Zack Rosen
  • James Walker
  • Lumpia or chicken adobo? - both! they are complementary
  • When TV came along, radio did not go away
  • No "either or"
  • New microformats and structured blogging won't display existing formats or blogs, just complement them


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