As always excellent food for thought from Joe Gregorio. I go back to my personal hobby horse: expressing what you want to whom you want. And as Joe points out some of that can, should and will be automatically done for you based on what you decide like automatic blogging of books and automatically adding interesting events to your calendar.

From What do you see in Web 2.0? | 2005-08-09 | BitWorking.:


Now we're talking real power. How about a script that blogs books to your book blog everytime you visit Amazon? Or how about one that finds links to FOAF files on web pages your browsing and then blogs that information to your people blog? How about mining microformat information, a Greasemonkey script could find all the hCalendar information in all the web pages you visit, or cull them from entries on Bloglines, and publish them to your calendar blog. The possibilities are endless.

How do you know a technology has matured? When it becomes invisible. Look at all the blogging that's taking place in the above scenarios. Look at how much of it could be automatic, easy, almost invisible.


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