As a follow up to my Flock demo at OSCON post, here's what I think so far (can't tell you everything because of the terms and conditions of the trial):

  • Summary: It's very, very rough but it shows great promise.
  • It works quite well for posting pictures from Flickr (minus a few details like not putting in size attributes and a title attribute as well as getting the time wrong in one of my test posts; all these things are easy and I am sure that Andy and his colleagues will add very quickly)
  • It needs to support any system that supports RSD and the MetaWeblogging API and the MovableType extensions rather than the current situation where it seems to be hardcoded for just a few systems. (See MarsEdit and ecto for two of many examples of how this is done right today.)
  • It is indeed cross platform (works on Mac, Windows and Linux)
  • Really looking forward to Flock improving in FlickrTime! Go Flock go!

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