Kris and I will be at Podcast Hotel in Portland Wednesday and Thursday. We'll try to make it down from our home here in Vancouver, Canada to Portland (traffic willing it's going to be very tight!) for 6p.m. Tuesday. Whatever happens, we'll try to help out in the best possible, most respectful and sensitive (I don't want to be part of a media circus!) way and will bring donations.

From An Exercise in Citizen Media And Helping Those In Need.:


At 6 p.m. on Tuesday meet at the Doug Fir Lounge and head over to the old Washington Monroe high school in the Buckman neighborhood, a few blocks from the Doug Fir, where 1,000 refugees from New Orleans come in Wednesday morning.

We'll talk to people in the neighborhood, the media hanging out and the people working . Refugees don't start arriving until Wednesday. And when the refugees do arrive, it'll be a media circus. Eric Rice, who is coming in for the event, suggested we bring some donations. I am going to discuss it with people I know here. I thought it might be an experience for us all and perhaps show an indie media take on the events that are unfolding around Katrina in a city far from the hurricane's blows but now is directly experiencing its aftermath. Help out and gauge reaction here to what is happening.

How will the refugee center issue unfold in a city like Portland? What do people in the neighborhood think?


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