(oldie but goodie) Fantastic! Someday I may just do this!

From VentureBlog: The Podcast Elevator Pitch.:


As Fred blogged this weekend, when he listened to the MP3s that had been downloaded from his fred'spodcast feed, there was the voice of entrepreneur extraordinaire Eric Lunt, CTO of FeedBurner. Eric's MP3 was essentially an elevator pitch for the idea of podcast elevator pitches. As Eric pointed out, it would be possible for entrepreneurs to record their own elevator pitches and then tag them with "fred'spodcast" in de.licio.us and those pitches would go straight to Fred's iPod, as had Eric's. Very clever. Not one to miss a good idea, Fred grabbed hold of it and created the tag "fred'selevatorpitch" for anyone who cares to push a podcast elevator pitch his way.


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