And flickr (as Stewart not Stuart :-) ) is leading the way. It's all about personal expression which includes remixing and recording your life whenever you want (hence the mobility angle) and sharing your remixes, creations and recordings with whomever you want.

From Photos - This is Mobility.:


Stuart spoke in general about the transformation that's happened in photography due to cameraphones. Photography has moved from something that a small group of people did at special events into something that everyone does as part of their everyday life. My overall takeaway from what he said was that photography in this environment has become pedestrian. The kinds of photos showing up on services like Flickr aren't necessarily about art at all. They're not trying to be art, they're just a new part of the overall vocabulary of expression that we have available now for everyday use. Which of course some people would then argue is the only real purpose of art anyway, but lets not open that whole can of worms and just pretend that everyone can recontextualize that statement in a way that it makes some kind of sense.


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