[More pirate talk]

If Identity 2.0 were bein' deployed widely, th' New York Times could focus on publishin' cool stuff rather than buildin' their own identity infrastructure fer their subscribers. It will happen. Just early days.

From War and Piece:.:


The NYT Select thin' is a total catastrophe. Fetch me spyglass! We have been subscribers t' th' print edition o' th' NYT fer a hundred years. Fire the cannons, pass the grog! But that paper subscription has no correlation t' a login and password that ye could use t' login t' Times Select. (Anyone else have th' problem o' a couple household with about 12 email addresses betwixt ye o'er th' years? Who knows what one we subscribed with, and dinna spare the whip, on a dead man's chest! Besides, we subscribed o'er th' phone, or however it were bein' done back in th' early 90s. This must be th' case fer a healthy percent o' Times' subscribers!) Have been on th' phone with th' NYT fer 20 minutes who are overloaded with calls o' scallywags similarly frustrated.


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