Courtesy of GreaseMonkey. Go Jon go! Read the whole thing. I don't use Bloglines because I am parnoid about people knowing about my private subscriptions :-) ! I have often thought that I should just switch back to RadioUserLand for reading RSS since it's a lot more efficient (NetNewsWire has a great River of News mode but due to a leak in Mac os X or maybe it's my 1000 subscriptions or the fact that I "only" have 1GB of RAM, it runs too slowly; I need to get a machine with 2 or 4 GB methinks to make NNW usable in this mode with 1000 subscriptions).

From Jon Udell: A channel changer for the Bloglines river of news.:


Blog readers offer two basic navigational styles. There's the two- or three-pane format that's also commonly used in mail clients, and then there's what Dave Winer has called the river of news format, where everything appears in one scrollable view. I favor the latter for the reasons Dave cites


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