Go Brent go! 2005, the year of making money off RSS and blogs continues. I guess I might end up using NewsGator (if it handles password protected subscriptions correctly!).

From NewsGator - Business.:


Q: Brent, I thought you loved being an independent developer. How could you work for another company?

Brent: I did love being an independent developer, absolutely. But I also love the idea of being able to take NetNewsWire to the next level and work with a bunch of smart folks who share the vision of RSS everywhere. While there is still so much we - my wife Sheila and I, Ranchero Software - could do as a small independent company, we couldn't possibly do everything NewsGator is doing. We couldn't, on our own, deliver syncing across all these devices and platforms, even though our customers were asking for it. Since us buying NewsGator wasn't completely realistic, we decided to join NewsGator. ;)


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