With all due respect to Diego (whose clever cactus had some awesome ideas), I don't get Ning. Is it Drupal lite? Hypercard for webapps?

Whatever! I do know the following:

  • It takes a lot of chutzpah to compare their photo sharing app with flickr. Sorry, not even close. Please tone down the outrageous marketing comparisons ...or at least add smileys to let us know that you're joking!!
  • If I was still programming, I'd be wary of hacking on somebody's system where they get my app and the system underneath is not open source (is Ning open source? I couldn't find the license in the FAQ). Instead I'd pay $5-40 a month for my own hosted server and hack in Drupal, Plone, WordPress or some other open source system where I knew the legal status of the system I was using and the code I was writing on top of that system.
  • I love PHP but it ain't Programming for the People and it ain't Hypercard.
  • URLs with ampersands, question marks and ".php" in them are so 1999 (don't 100% agree with Dave, but ning does appear to suffer from some "featureitis") and totally unnecessary.
  • "the people" will use Jot et al and not program in PHP and not use Ning.

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