Just kidding! Another great buy by Yahoo! Go Upcoming go!

From Waxy.org: Daily Log: Yahoo and Upcoming, Sitting In A Tree.:


Two years ago, I launched Upcoming.org and announced it to the world. Today, along with my partners Gordon Luk and Leonard Lin, I'm unbelievably proud to announce that Upcoming.org is now a member of the Yahoo! family.

I've always had a warm and fuzzy feeling about Yahoo. It's been my browser homepage since forever, and I still have akebono.stanford.edu/yahoo/ stuck in muscle memory. Recently, the nostalgia has been replaced by admiration as I've watched them making smart decisions, acquiring great companies (Flickr, anyone?), and hiring all of my friends. The end result is that they're doing some of the most interesting work online, and I found myself linking to them more and more over the last year.

So when Stewart asked if we'd be interested in coming to Yahoo, we were surprised and flattered. It's immensely satisfying for a company as interesting and high-profile as Yahoo to validate the hard work we've done, and to see the future potential for growth.


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