A big thank-you to Chris Pirillo for sponsoring BarCamp Amsterdam as well as TagCamp and MindCamp!We will use Chris's generous donation for some BarCamp food and drink! Chris I wish you could be here in Holland. We really could use your dynamism and enthusiasm :-) distortion field. I'll do my best as well Chris Messina and teh Termie, but we're not worthy!

From Here a Camp, There a Camp (Chris Pirillo).:


As it was with Web 2.1, I was happy to be mentioned in the same breath as BarCamp, TechCrunch BBQ, and WebZine2005. I couldn't make any of these events, but at least folks are understanding the true spirit behind what I try to do with events like Gnomedex and services like gada.be. Very, very cool. We sponsored Web 2.1, and have also given financial support to Seattle's Mind Camp. TagCamp will be no exception; Gnomedex is sponsoring Saturday's dinner (along with Wink and Flock), and gada.be is sponsoring Saturday's lunch. I've also informed Chris Messina that we'll be giving our support to BarCamp Amsterdam as well. Why? Because even if I can't be there in person, I can be there in spirit. Both Gnomedex and gada.be are fueled by the greater community, so we (in turn) are fueling them.


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