It's gonna be great! See u there. Last minute questions or problems, please call me on my temporary Dutch number at: +31 6 30840317

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Because we don't really want to structure this too much. The only thing YOU have to is to participate in a session

Thursday October 20

  • 4:30 p.m. Doors Open
  • 5:30 p.m. Welcome short talk by Willem of the fabulous Mediamatic Partnership and Non Profit and Bar Camp Amsterdam hosts
  • network, chill and come up with ideas for sessions (paper will be provided for the walls and there will be a grid where you can put in your session)

Friday October 21

  • all morning - morning sessions
  • 9:00am-ish - breakfast, day's sessions finalized
  • 10:00am - BarCamp sessions commence
  • ~1:00pm: lunch on your own at Restaurant 11 (take the elevator or walk up to the 11th floor, about 10 Euro)
  • ~2:30pm onward - afternoon sessions
  • 7:00p.m.ish - potluck cooked by Bar Campers
  • all evening - evening sessions
  • 11:59p.m. - Bar Camp ends

Meet and greet area in the hall, beverages and snacks available throughout.

Want something particular to eat? Bring it and share!


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