If Aperture is as good as it sounds, Apple's going to sell a ton of machines to run it. My two takeways from Aperture:

  • It shows the lack of imagination and vision from Adobe et al that they haven't thought of something like this. RAW workflow, image file management, etc. so obviously s*ck in all the software out there today! Can you say market opportunity in cloning Aperture? Again, Apple leads, the rest of the industry sleeps, awakes and clones.
  • Shows the failure of the Power PC consortium (Apple, Motorola and IBM) to deliver when you can't run all of Aperture's features on a laptop with a PowerPC. Another validation of the move to Intel.
As soon as I can afford a dual processor Mac, Intel or otherwise, (which should be sometime by the end of 2006 :-( and Aperture 2.0), I'm probably going to buy this.

From creativepro.com - Stripping Raw Naked.:


JS: The price says we're standing behind our claim that it's a pro tool. Aperture is an all-in-one post-production tool for pro photographers. It's easy to look at apps that cost from $0 to $50 and say, "They're all-in-one apps; why is Aperture so much more?"

But Aperture has to be an all-in-one for what professionals do. Compare Aperture's price to the price of buying Capture One plus Photoshop, and Aperture is less.

If anyone is feeling pinched by iPhoto, we want this to be a logical jump up. But it is a jump up.


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