[UPDATE: I changed the title because for some reason Google was ranking it high for Pixpulse and people were misinterpreting what I said. To be precise, email is great for now for most phones which means there definitely is a market for services like PixPulse that use email. In the future, though, I think things will be more like ShoZu. Time will tell whether my "Roland's mobile law" :-) will actually be true. Certainly not true in 2006. Probably be different in 2010 or 2015.] 

Roland's mobile law: Any mobile service that relies on email to upload multimedia content will not succeed.

Sorry PixPulse but I can't recommend you because emailing photos and videos just doesn't work on mobile devices. And yes, I did try it!

See Shozu for an example of mobile uploading done right using a server in the middle to enable uploading to resume when connectivity is lost and re-gained.

From PixPulse .. your own mobile media channel via Scoble.:


Welcome to PixPulse, a new mobile media network that instantly shares your photos and videos with friends on your own PixPulse


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