After trying out seven video sharing services (Now Public, Ourmedia,, revver, YouTube, veoh and with my BarCamp Amsterdam 2005 People video, here are my random thoughts which basically line up with teh Boris's video blogging and sharing experiences:

  • There is (still) no "flickr of video". Flickr team please try!
  • Everybody except Ourmedia transcodes your video to make it smaller which in my video's case resulted in pixelated video. Please don't do that or provide the ability to access the original video as a premium service.
  • YouTube didn't work from PictureSync. I tried twice and each time the upload failed after a couple of minutes.
  • We need a Shozu like client to upload videos automagically from your mobile phone to all the popular video services with decent upload APIs.
  • I was astounded that YouTube,, and Now Public enabled uploading of huge files through the browser. My video was 36MB and it worked fine with these three services using HTTP upload through the browser.
  • Vimeo doesn't cut it since most videos will be larger than Vimeo's 20MB limit.
  • If you are going to manually vet videos please do it fast! My video still hasn't appeared on veoh almost 48 hours after upload.
  • The internet archive which is where Ourmedia stores huge files needs to take less than 24 hours before posting the video to their servers.
  • please change your name (how about or something with the word video in it?), add tagging and charge extra to keep the original non transcoded version. With those 3 things and an API for upload, with a shozu like client would be the closest to the "flickr" of video.

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