Apply today! We want new voices as well as speakers from previous years with cool ideas. And you don't have to be a talking head! It can be a hands on training session, discussion or whatever makes sense! Please submit your idea today. The deadline is Tuesday November 15th.

From Speaker Submission | Northern Voice 2006.:


To apply to become a speaker at NorthernVoice, complete the form below. In the Bio section, provide relevant background information that explains why you would be a good speaker for this conference. We're not necessarily looking for vast public speaking or punditry experience--we just want to get a sense of who you are and how you'd fit into our program.

We intend to divide the day between presentations and discussion sessions. The presentations will be traditional seminars, with one or more speakers speaking on a particular aspect of weblogs and personal publishing. The discussion sessions will be open-mike "teach-ins", where facilitators will lead a group conversation on a blogging-related topic.


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