RSS is the real convergence medium; it's already the transport for multi-media on the web. If you want your audio, video or whatever to get circulated and noticed, the best way to to do this is to put a link to it in an RSS feed with enclosures!

People and organizations who don't blog regularly or who have never blogged (like New Media BC and Anasi) are taking up podcasting and videoblogging. As I have written many times, audio and video blogging or podcasting or vlogging or whatever you want to call it will be bigger than text blogging! You don't need a blog when you have an RSS feed with enclosures do you?

Thanks to Dave Winer for inventing the enclosure tag, Adam Curry for solving the last mile problem (automating the transfer to the iPod) and to the bloggers who who popularized RSS. Oh and I guess I should thank Apple for making podcasting mainstream. I don't like Apple's proprietary in origin RSS extensions for iTunes and Apple's lack of community involvement around those extensions (just like I don't like similar actions from M*crosoft) but on the whole I think Apple's done more good than bad here since I doubt late adopters like Anasi or New Media BC would be podcasting and videoblogging without Apple pushing podcasting. (And of course there's nothing wrong with being a late adopter! Go New Media BC go! Go Anasi go!)

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