Go Andy go! Since the forthcoming N91 was designed in Vancouver, I hope some Vancouver based bloggers are involved in the official Nokia N91 Blog. Andy, I'd love to have an N91 on trial like Ross Mayfield and blog about it when the time comes. Call me at 604 729 7924 or email roland AT rolandtanglao.com!

My qualifications? I bought a 7610 and have uploaded 4576 photos to flickr (and more every day) using Shozu and Lifeblog. And I plan on doing lots of videos once Shozu works with the 7610's videos (which I hope is real soon now)!

From Nokia N90 Blog.:


Welcome to the Nokia Nseries N90 Blogger Relations Blog site. Here you will find blogger and media information that you can repurpose and utilize in your blog postings about the N90.


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