At least from a power user point of view, the Nokia Canada online store's selection of phones is disappointing. Unfortunately you can't buy the hot Nokia phones from the store which to my mind are the: 6630, 6680, N90, N70, etc. Just ho hum phones like the 6020, 6030, 6101, 6670, 3120, 3220, 6010, 6620, 6820, 7280, and my beloved 7610 (which was hot in summer of 2004 but isn't so hot at the end of 2005). Carrier Conspiracy or holiday scarcity (after all it only launched on December 1st)? I hope it's the latter but unfortunately I think it's the former and of course I hope to be proven wrong! Now if the store only had a blog or news section with RSS for me to track new models coming in and other updates instead of a l*me "What's New" section. One can only dream. Nokia are you listening?

From Darla Mack: Nokia Canada Launches Online Store.:


In Press Release yesterday, Nokia announced the launching of their new online store for Nokia's online store not only offers phones and accessories, but consumers can also create a wishlist.

Per the press release, the phones available from the Nokia Online Store will be carrier neutral allowing any Nokia GSM phone to be compatible with any Canadian GSM carrier's network.


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