Go Chris go! I want to believe. I want a read/write fully integrated read/write browser for blogging, podcasting and videoblogging whether it's called flock or something else. I want to believe and I still believe.... If flock doesn't build it somebody else will because the current crappy (but good enough for millions) tool situation will not hold!

From Revving a classic cliché.:


The point is this. These technologies have become second nature vehicles for communication and expression. And blogging, podcasting, vlogging and the whole lot of recent "mecasting" technologies aren't as integrated, aren't as easy, aren't as accessible as they need to be for them to be picked up and made as commonplace as the telephone (or cellphone, if you prefer). Point Four Percent of the population is nothing (that's 23.6 million blogs as a percentage of the world population by the way). And yet another extension is not the answer. I don't even know if another browser is. But we need something that works to solve this problem - or at least to make it better.
Yep, we've got a vision for how a browser with a different understanding of the web can help. We wouldn't be building it otherwise. This is what drives us to make Flock the best possible, most easy-to-use and most useful tool it can be, because we're experiencing all the same problems that everyone else is.


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