Despite my lament for the Canadian mobile market, there's lots of people in Vancouver (and Canada in general) doing cool mobile related stuff so I am sure that the nascent MoMoVan (perhaps merged with Mobile Muse to make MoMoMuse :-) !) will be successful. See you on January 9, 2006 at Take 5 at 429 Granville at 6:30p.m.

From Announcing Mobile Monday Vancouver.:


Lately I've gotten really tired of reading about all of the great mobile ideas floating around Helsinki, Sinagpore, Tokyo, Rome, London, New York, Austin, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and San Diego. After a couple of afternoons sitting around the Bryght office, and a few emails back and forth with Roland I finally decided that there is no reason we can't start pulling the mobile community in Vancouver together.


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