Personal video coming to regular humans in 2007 I hope! It will still be too complicated for normal people to create and consume videos on digital devices in 2006.

From The Year Of Personal Video? -The Tao of Mac - blog/2005-12-23.:


And now, video is stepping up to the plate. The iTunes music store has started giving away freebies (only in the US, sadly), iPods play video, and there are umpteen articles out there teaching people how to encode video for the iPod or the PSP.

Furthermore, just about every mobile operator with a 3G network has at least announced their intention to stream TV shows to mobile phones next year (and as usual, all three Portuguese operators are going for it).

My guess is that it's going to be an interesting year - video content is targeted and consumed in wildly different ways, is more commanding of the user's attention, and is something people attach more value to.


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