Great list from Susan.

Here’s mine:

  1. Get a video iPod second model when it comes out in June or sooner (i want wide screen, buying 2nd gen Apple stuff is always better if you can wait that long)
  2. Do a weekly video blog in a format that works well on iPod Video
  3. Do more screencasting
  4. Create enhanced podcasts for documentation and fun
  5. Create three 1 minute movies about Vancouver
  6. Dive into Jabber and XMPP since 2006 is the year of XMPP
  7. Get a new desktop with oodles of RAM and disk (4GB, 160 GB or more) and power to run Aperture and RSS aggregation and filtering over 1000s of subscriptions and searches
  8. Dive into RAW processing of my photos using Aperture 2.0 (probably an end of year thing!)
  9. Buy, beg, borrow or steal :-) a mobile phone that does WiFi and has a 2 Megapixel camera and half VGA or better video (e.g. N91) and run a VoIP over WiFi client on it as well
  10. Convert all my websites to Drupal (i.e VanEats)
  11. Run my own Linux box with Drupal for my own experiments
  12. Give back more to the Drupal community (probably by writing more handbook pages)
  13. Increase the audio quality of my podcasts!

From Susan Mernit's Blog: Personal tech: Resolutions for 2006.:


1) Get an iPod and go all digital Yeah, I owned an iPod--and I gave it to my kid. This time, around, I want a video iPod and I want to move all my music over to digital--and figure out a media storage solution that works as well.
2) Upgrade my phone and add a decent video camera to it--with clogging and podcast components.
3) Start podcasting weekly-- a friend had a great idea--I still want to do it.
4) Move my blog to a new domain and get off blogspot. Aanyone need explanations on that?
5) Upgrade from my friend's digital camera to my own--and buy flickr pro--got it for my client, need to add my own access.
6) Tag more. I think tagging is amazing, but I avoid doing it. Change that a bit.
7) Get a decent new computer--or a cheap back up machine.
8) Do more new tools beta testing on a weekly basis--using that back-up machine I wanna establish.
9) Learn more--a lot more--about extreme programming--as I got more and more into product development this is a critical area to build competency.
10) Keep having fun with technology--it's gotta be both enjoyable and useful--and it can be.
11) Turn off my land line phone for good--between the VOIP options and the cell, the $$ I am paying is a waste.
12) Buy a big TV. Yeah, I don't watch it, but it's time to upgrade from 19 inches, doncha think?
13) Card scanning or something--figure out something to do with all those business cards that are stacked in bowls around my office. I do want to talk to some of these folks again.


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