<p>Here’s the opening words 3 mobile words from each of the attendees from tonight’s Mobile Monday Vancouver #1. It was a great grassroots meeting. Lots of great discussion. I didn’t know there were 250 wireless companies in BC! Thanks to Bryan Rieger for organizing it! See you at the next meeting scheduled for Monday February 13th also at Take 5 Cafe at 429 Granville</p> <p>3.4 MB MP3 (7 minutes and 19 seconds) - Recorded Monday January 9, 2006 </p> <p>Links to participants and 3 mobile words</p> <ol> <li>Bryan Rieger, Yiibu, </li> <li>Roland Tanglao, Bryght, 7610, flickr, shozu </li> <li>John Goodall, Litefeeds, RSS, mobile, browser </li> <li>Willie Patek (mis-spelled?), data collection systems </li> <li>Sang Mah, Wireless Innovation Network BC, wearables, WiMax </li> <li>John Asbacher , Inform Productions (shootedit.com), shoot, edit, lost </li> <li>Boris Mann, Bryght, media, mobile content, openness </li> <li>Robert Scales, Raincity Studios, RSS, podcast, i-matePDA2K </li> <li>Monique Trottier, Raincoast Books, off the grid </li> <li>Jeff LaPorte, Eqo fka Neltura, identiy, extend, disintermediation </li> <li>Mark Sasso Sasszel, Petroglyph Computer Labs (sorry couldn’t find a link, misspelled?), intelligent, devices </li> <li>Michael Bidu, City Dazz Interactive, culture, people, interactivity </li> <li>Colin Quon, Eqo, online, mobile, convergence </li> <li>James (sorry I don’t know your last name, leave a comment and I will update), embarassingly primitive phone </li> <li>Stephanie Rieger, Yiibu, open, mobile, learning </li> <li>Brian Niessen (sp?), Mobile Software Labs (sorry couldn’t find a link, misspelled?), gaming, banking, continually connected </li> <li>Kris Krug, Bryght </li> <li>Duff Gardner, New Media BC and Mobile Muse, always on, on the go, context </li> </ol>

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