Go Susan go! I've been privileged to meet Susan in the real world (awesome dinner with Deeje Cooley, Scott Johnson founder of Feedster at BloggerCon I, brief but great chat with her at BloggerCon III, Dave please can we have a BloggerCon IV?). Yahoo is lucky to have her! Great passion and depth of knowledge.

From Susan Mernit's Blog: Newsflash: I'm joining Yahoo!.:


As Rafat Ali reported earlier today, I am joining Yahoo as Senior Director, Product, for the Personals team, starting January 23rd. I'm excited by the opportunity to focus on one product, energized by both the team and the general Yahoo ethos (and campus-wide talent), and delighted to be working 7 miles from home--a huge change from my usual cross-country commute. I've had some good opportunities in the past few months, but I've always thought working for Yahoo would be a good fit, and Personals seems like a wonderful spot for someone obsessed both with transactional sites and with social media(that would be me.)


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