[Hemmed and hawed about posting this since I probably shouldn't go since I need to prepare for Bowen Intro to blogging on Saturday!]

I say we move it to a place with WiFi since nothing in Yaletown appears to have WiFi and be open past 5:30pm. Say to Take 5 (don't believe the website, it's open until 8p.m.) at 429 Granville? Then we can do some podcasts and upload them live from our iRivers, M Audio Boxes, laptops, etc. courtesy of Take 5's sweet sweet free WiFi! What say you?

From Upcoming.org: Vancouver Podcasters Meetup at Beatty Street Bar and Grill (Friday, February 3, 2006).:


Beatty Street Bar and Grill 765 Beatty Street (Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps) Vancouver, British Columbia ----- DATE CHANGED TO FEB 3 2006 ----- Sorry folks, I'm struck down by a chest infection. You're all still welcome to show up and hang out if you like, but I'll be at the "official" meetup which is now going to be Feb 3.


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