Go PubSub go! Disclosure: Salim and I went to high school together, we went to the same university (but different engineering programs so not the same class!) and we are friends!

From PubSub's speed unmatched on the Internet.:


"We are the other half of Google, and we complement them. Google is retrospective search and we are prospective search. In other words, Google searches the past and we search the future," Salim said in an interview at a recent Harvard conference.

Google news alerts and eBay auction alerts are similar but glacial; sometimes taking days to notify users, in comparison to Pubsub's split-second matching capability. "No one can match our speed of three billion matches per second. We have a unique algorithm, and as far as we know, nobody has ever been able to do what we've done," Salim said. "It makes information active rather than passive."

The "engine" is based on Wyman's expertise and experience. He is the chief technology officer at PubSub and an Internet pioneer who developed predecessors to Lotus Notes and the first known wide-area-network hypertext system, among other innovations.

Salim, Pubsub's chairman, is a University of Waterloo graduate in theoretical physics who gravitated toward business and computers.


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