I will be creating a 1-3 minute movie using some cool Derek Miller music as part of Photo Camp from 1:35-2:05pm. Friday February 10th using Photo To Movie at Northern Voice MooseCamp out of photos tagged "Moosecampmovie" (must have Vancouver theme, bonus points for a Moose and Vancouver tie in) in flickr OR in the Moosecamp Movie Flickr group OR just send email them to roland AT rolandtanglao.com AND that are:

  • Creative Commons Attribution licensed OR
  • CC Attribution non commercial OR
  • where the author gives me permission to use his/her photos and distribute the movie with the photos for non commercial purposes on blip.tv, You Tube, Google Video, etc.

Looking forward to seeing you at MooseCamp and making a cool movie out of your cool photos!

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