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Watch my 30 second video with Dave Shea, Bill Tam, Jeff LaPorte, Bryan and Steph Rieger and posted in “real time” (takes about 10 minutes using glacially slow GPRS to transfer via Shozu) to show the use of Shozu.

I demoed Shozu (and recapped my journey from buying my grey market 7610 for my 40th birthday using my own money to using email to upload photos to Flickr, to using Hugin and Mugin (Java midlet to upload pictures to flickr developed by my friend and ace programmer, Simon Lewis) and being frustrated by the low res pictures from the 7610's crippled Java implementation of the camera APIs to uploading photos 4 at a time using Lifeblog to today's Shozu happiness!) tonight and we had a great Eqo demo and presentation from Jeff LaPorte.

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