Endo looks cool. Bugs:

  1. It crashed with my OPML file with over 1000 subscriptions.
  2. It doesn't have a "River of News" view (at least as far as I can see).
  3. Can't drag and drop URLs into subscription manager
  4. Can't select multiple subscriptions for deletion in subscription manager.

Still pretty cool for a beta release (like the Growl notifications for example!). I am trying it with a tiny OPML file and it looks good, but if I am going to use this over time, I need river of news sorted by date view with auto expiration of articles. NetNewsWire does all this (albeit slowly and takes up a lot of memory) so I am surprised Adriaan hasn't implemented it since he usually one-ups Brent in the feature wars!

From Information overdose.:


I just finished a bug-fix upgrade of endo. There was an issue with parsing email addresses, which should be fixed and some other minor issues. Some cool guy I know sent me his OPML file to test and it contained over 600 feeds. Once done updating, there were over 10K unread items. I'm humbled as my own subscription list has less than a hundred feeds. I don't think I could handle more information.


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