I use my mobile phone (N70 thanks to the Nokia Blogger Relations program and my 7610 that I paid with my own money before that) to take short films so technically I qualify as a Piratopian and I take pictures of everything including what I am shopping for so I guess that makes me a High Street Hedonist. But since I don't have access to a 3G network (even though the N70 is a 3G capable phone), I don't strictly qualify!

From Smart Mobs: 3G mobiles 'change social habits'.:


-- Piratopians: Creative outsiders who use 3G phones to make short films and other broadcasts

-- High Street hedonists: Use phones to show off new purchases, take pictures of items or asked for instant opinions from a dressing room

The report's authors dubbed the new generation of mobile phone users Generation C, with C meaning content ".


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