UPDATE: The rocketboom folks sent me an email. The folks looking for actors below are NOT associated with rocketboom. The more the merrier we say. Please make your ad more clear next time!

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Go Rocketboom go! I nominate Debbie (check out my cheesy video with Debbie which shows her potential. I am sure it would be trivial to kick it up a notch and produce a killer demo reel) and Sarah (check out her awesome work at Geek Entertainment television) to co-anchor.

From Call For Actors.:


If you are looking for an excellent opportunity to gain on-camera experience along with high profile exposure, read on...

A new video podcasting site will commence reporting about events and activities in Vancouver!

If you are unfamiliar with the broadcast capability of podcasting, please visit:


Rocketboom is a New York based daily video podcasting show which features arts and technology stories.



The host, Amanada Congdon, has used the high visibility of her daily broadcast to over 100,000 people per day, to launch her acting career. She has since appeared on television shows such as CSI.

Our site will feature a daily 2 minute segment featuring the best of cultural and social events and activities in Vancouver.

The purpose of this site is to provide one place for Vancouverites and visitors to gain a window into the world of many of the great things happening in Vancouver through video.

If you are interested in experiencing the exposure and on-camera opportunities provided, please:

1. submit by E-mail a 30 second video clip of yourself presenting on a hypothetical or real event or activity in Vancouver. Simply use a digital camera in video mode to record your audition.

2. e-mail the 30 second clip to: vblog_auditions@hotmail.com

Please ensure:

1. the subject (your head) occupies the majority of the frame,

2. that the image is sufficiently lit (that you can be seen clearly), and

3. that the sound is clearly audible.

You may be have the greatest personality and present well, but if we can't
see or hear you well, your audition video cannot be considered.

Deadline for entries: April 8, 2006.


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